Retirement Villages Association NZ CEO John Collyns Visits Fairways with 68 Delegates

John Collyns, the CEO of the retirement villages association NZ with Gregg Hewitt who is the Project Manager of Fairways.

John headed a group of 68 delegates who visited fairways recently in July during their conference,
to get a more detailed understanding of the successful supported living model at Fairways.

Fairways Recognised By Brendan Wenke

Our successful sales strategy for Fairways Supported Living community was recognised by Brendan Wenke of Jones Lang LaSalle in this article.

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Press Release At The Opening Of The Fairways Supported Living Community

The following press release was published at the opening of the Fairways Supported Living community in Tweed Heads. It illustrates both the issues in aged care today and the way our formula overcomes those issues.











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